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Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 12:46 AM
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HUNTER DWORACZYK [email protected]


Dear Editor, I have worked at a restaurant here in Taylor for three years, and never received a raise. A co-worker of mine has been there 22 years with no raise.

This is not the only place in Taylor where this is happening.

Because of the lack of pay raises, some people cannot legally rent a house because of their income. The cost of living is going up in Taylor. So, why can’t pay go up?

In addition, there are homes in Taylor that have concrete floors, which is bad for kids and elderly people. There are other facilities in Taylor with unsafe floors for residents and patients.

With the growth, some things need to change in Taylor.

Can the Taylor City Council do anything to help?

— LM Dilworth Taylor, TX

Dear Editor, What have we wrought when the citizens of Taylor, who have struggled all these years to support their families, own a home of their own either by inheritance or struggled to pay a mortgage to some banker, paid their taxes, only to find now that they are going to be dispossessed of their property because the Taylor City Council, recently giving themselves a pay raise, now feel they need to justify their pay raise by changing the tax classifications on properties to commercial or industrial, under the disguise of “Higher and Best Use,” in order to hand them over to billionaire foreigners from South Korea, South Africa and elsewhere?


Is it because a very few, that don’t need it, will receive a large benefit at the expense of the rest of us? Some people will be homeless, including elderly and all who are poor.

Does the Taylor City Council have no heart? Maybe the city of Taylor would have enough income if they hadn’t given these large corporation huge discounts on their taxes to get them to come here in the first place.

Who needs them taking our homes from us? Let them go elsewhere if they don’t want to pay taxes.

— Ernest Rector Taylor, TX


Taylor Press

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