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Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 5:03 AM
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Rydell not seeking re-election


HUNTER DWORACZYK [email protected]

Taylor will have to find a new leader for the first time in seven years.

Mayor Brandt Rydell, who has been a member of the Taylor City Council since 2012 and the mayor since 2017, will not see his name listed on the ballot this coming May, he announced on Facebook Saturday, Jan. 13.

“After 12 years, I’m ready to redirect my attentions and energies,” Rydell said in his Facebook post. “I will not be seeking re-election to the council.”

Rydell represents District 3 and was elected for four consecutive terms.

Rydell graduated from Taylor High School in 1989. He then earned degrees in English and history from the University of Arkansas and received his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Before being elected to city council, Rydell served five years on the planning and zoning commission.

Outside of his city responsibilities, Rydell works as assistant general counsel for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

Rydell has served as mayor during a period of major growth, contributing to economic partnerships such as Samsung Austin Semiconductor, a local subsidiary of South Korean-based Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

In his announcement, Rydell praised the work the city has accomplished during his time on the dais and said Taylor is wellpositioned for the future.

“That’s what makes this a particularly good time for me to step away,” Rydell said. “We have an incredible leadership team in the city of Taylor to guide our community through some exciting years ahead.

The mayor gave remarks about the future of the city during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at Taylor City Hall, Monday, Jan. 15.

He discussed the growth Taylor has and will experience during his speech and that current residents should welcome those to come.

Referencing a sign in town that reads “Taylor, Texas: Friendly as a Texan’s smile”, Rydell said residents need to “walk the walk” and embrace newcomers.

“When we meet people on the street, we need to be the Taylor we all want to be,” Rydell said. “It doesn’t matter who you’re kin to or how far your family goes back here. It shouldn’t matter if you’re from Austin, California, Korea or Timbuktu. You’re here in Taylor, you belong in Taylor and you’re a part of us.”


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