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Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 10:26 PM
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Above and beyond

Above and beyond

We want to highlight people who go above and beyond. These are the submissions for this week.

“Shoutout to Shawna Malone. She is the wonderful woman who found my wallet last night and brought it by my house, many many blessings to you. When we were loading our truck in front of Walmart, we had a basket full, and I set down my wallet on the bumper and forgot it there. It fell off at some point and this wonderful human found it and returned it to our address. I am so grateful and beyond blessed you are the person that found it.”

— Deanna Jean Hamilton 

“Shoutout to Coach Kim Clifton at Taylor High School for her tireless support of all students, and most especially her Special Olympics athletes. This week they were presented with their letterman jackets, just as they have been for many years because of her commitment to making sure they are treated just like any other athletes. She is an amazing asset to TISD.”

— Sherry Glaeser Marx 

“I have to give a shout out to New York Pizza & Pasta. The Greek salad and chicken fettuccine alfredo is so amazingly good.”

— Megan Strmiska

“Shoutout to the wonderful people who pick up our trash and recycling.”

— Taylor Soap Bar

“A complete stranger, a young lady in scrubs stopped to help me unload a secretary desk from my car to (the) House of Antiques. Angel.”

— Ann Miller

If you know a person who walks the extra mile and deserves a shoutout, let us know. We want to know who put a smile on your face. You can either post it to our Facebook page Good News Taylor Made or send it to Taylor Press, attn: Good News. We are looking forward to hearing your stories.

Always remember there is goodness everywhere and kindness matters.


Taylor Press

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