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Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 9:01 PM
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Simply the best

Simply the best

We asked for shoutouts. Here are the submissions for this week.

“Shoutout to the baristas at Good Strangers.

They know our names and they know what we want before we do. Plus they are just the sweetest young ladies. Let’s face it, they put up with my group of old men.”

— David Blake

“Shoutout to Channing Camille and Clint Morgan at Taylor Soap Bar. They are willing to work with other local businesses to promote growth in Taylor.”

— Sissie Jackson 

“Got to give a big shout out to Guzman Automotive. I was in town last week to visit my granddaughter, and my car needed, what I thought, was brakes and just the front struts done. I called and they got me in that day. They sent me pics and video of what needed to be done and fixed it all the next day.

I loved the fact that they were friendly from beginning to end, as well as fast and got me back on the road before I had to leave. Will definitely use them again.”

— Daphne Boubel

“Shout out to Domino’s.

I am hooked on their pasta dishes. They are really good. I love the chicken Alfredo, the spinach and tomatoes are so good.

Kind of tried them by mistake, and boy I am glad I did.

— Dru Buuck

If you know a business or a person who walks the extra mile and deserves a shoutout, let us know. We want to know who put a smile on your face. You can either send them to Taylor Press attn: Good News, 211 W. Third St., Taylor, TX 76574, or post to the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page.

Always remember there is goodness everywhere and kindness matters.


Taylor Press

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