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Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 4:19 AM

Hutto honors graduating Hippos

Hutto honors graduating Hippos

HUTTO — Plenty of Hippos received their high school degrees last week.

Hutto High School held its 121st commencement ceremony Thursday, May 23, at Hutto Memorial Stadium.

“It’s graduation day, and it’s not just about receiving a piece of paper,” Principal LaKesha Whitfield said. “It’s about celebrating your journey, your growth, your limitless potential and all that lies ahead.” Hutto Independent School District estimated that around 630 students walked across the stage.

Class of 2024 President Krista Manskie said although there were a lot of graduates, each should feel proud about their journey and excited for their futures.

She pointed to the butterf ly effect, which says that the flaps of butterfly wings can affect the trajectory of a tornado weeks later.

The theory expresses that even minor moments can lead to important events.

“It teaches us that even the smallest actions can have monumental impacts,” Manskie said. “As you sit here today, I want you to realize you are the butterf lies of humanity. Every decision you make, every word you speak and every interaction you have with others has the potential to change the entire course of the future.”

Elizabeth Espinosa, salutatorian, said this year’s graduating class perhaps had a more turbulent four years than most in recent memory.

The now-seniors entered their freshman year in the fall of 2020 with social distancing guidelines from the COVID-19 pandemic. Espinosa said some seniors opted for a hybrid schedule where they attended inperson classes with specific rules, while others were taught virtually.

She also said this group had the unique challenge of having a different principal each year of their high school journey.

“I would like to commend you on how well you fared in the face of these challenges,” Espinosa said. “As a class, we have been resilient, persistent and successful in braving the seemingly endless challenge of high school.”

Expressing similar sentiments about what they have dealt with, valedictorian Hannah Kawar asked her classmates to remember both the good and hard times of high school.

She said the diploma Hutto students received will not only serve as proof of education, but proof of tenacity, determination and perseverance.

“When you face challenges in the future, remember how you faced the ones here and how amazing it was to finally overcome them and reach your goals,” Kawar said. “You’ve all accomplished so much and I have the utmost confidence that you will accomplish much more.”

Hutto High School Class President Krista Manskie shares advice involving the butterfly effect during the school’s commencement ceremony Thursday, May 23. Photos courtesy of Hutto Independent School District


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