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Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 11:03 AM

Basketball tournament almost a month away

Basketball tournament almost a month away

A local newspaper editor is planning to unite the Taylor community through hoops for the 11th straight year.

The Taylor Press and the Shining Stars are set to host the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14.

Jason Hennington, the publication’s area editor and founder of the event, said the tournament brings people together in a competitive, but friendly way.

“Basketball is just an avenue,” Hennington said. “Sports is one of the few things that can bring people together. It doesn’t matter what nationality, what language you speak or how old you are. You can come, you can compete and you can have fun.”

Teams can be made up of three or four players and are sorted by age groups. The leagues are divided into 11-14 year-olds, 15-17 year-olds and anybody over the age of 18 for both men and women classifications.

Anyone who has played at the varsity level will play in the 18 and older division.

It costs $50 per team to register, which can be paid in advance or at arrival.

Entered teams will play a handful of exhibition games the first day and are guaranteed to play in the playoff bracket the following day.

The Shining Stars are the tournament’s co-sponsor. They are a local nonprofit for adults with special needs and will return to operate the concession stand, as well as take to the court once more for a championship series of games.

The Shining Stars game is important because it provides an opportunity for adults with special needs to be looked at for more than just their disabilities or limitations, according to organizers.

Verna Guajardo, Shining Stars mother and coordinator, said she’s seen what sports can do for her own adult son with disabilities. She said he is happier and more competitive when playing basketball, which he no longer could enjoy once he aged out of Special Olympics. Guajardo added that the Shining Stars are always looking for volunteers to help run the concession stand. Tournament registration forms are available at the Taylor Press, 211 W. Third St., and the Taylor Press 3-on-3 Facebook page.

Hennington is looking for donations and volunteers to help with the tournament.

For more, call Hennington at 512-352-8535 or 512269-9735, or email [email protected] or taylorpress3on3@ gmail.com.


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