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Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 5:20 AM

Church brings life through kickball

Church brings life through kickball

An inaugural competition kicked off last week with more than competition as a goal.

On Saturday, June 8, The First Baptist Church, 300 Robinson St., hosted a kickball tournament that served as a fundraiser for their upcoming women’s conference.

“It was fantastic,” Willie Curtis said to the church congregation the day after the event. “When you went to Fannie [Robinson] Park, you saw life back there again.”

First place went to Taylor Made Fence, Lawn and Tree Service, while Taylor Brethren Church placed second and The First Baptist Church came in third.

Along with the competition, there was a bounce house and food available. Spectators and players were barbecuing and enjoying each other’s company, including an additional church.

“That park came alive again down there,” Curtis said. “You saw the fellowship, you saw the people getting along down there...but the most important thing you saw down there... God.”

Curtis said there was competition, but it was an opportunity to bring people of the community together.

“It wasn’t about the kickball tournament and all the other stuff, it was about the fellowship and building relationships,” he said.

Curtis recognized Emmanuel Wright, a player from the winning team, who came to church following the tournament.

“If there is anything we can take out of that whole kickball tournament... it was if one person came through that door...that was success,” Curtis said.

The church plans to host the tournament again next year.

Taylor Brethren Church came in second place at the kickball tournament. Courtesy photos

The First Baptist Church placed third in the kickball tournament, and plans to host the event again in the future. Courtesy photos


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