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Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 6:29 AM



I was reminded again this morning about something which is so easy to forget.

Life has moments of pain. It has moments of stress. Things sometimes fall apart.

Yet, if you have a family or friends who have your back; if you have a home, a place, that welcomes you in.

Then you are blessed. Everything else that you may be going through is just a parenthesis in eternity.

Abundant living is not living in material abundance.

Abundant living is living with friends and family who love and support you regardless of anything else.

Remember that, your smile may be all someone knows of kindness.

Your hug may be all someone knows of human touch.

Your word of thanks may be all someone knows of being appreciated.

Your act of generosity may be all someone knows of grace. Your kindness matters.

— Steven Lee Not every day is great, but I want to remind you that the little wonderful things that you see every day are also part of your day.

Keep your focus on these small gifts and share them with us.

I would love for you to share how you have helped and how you have been helped. Your story will help to inspire others. You can either send them to Taylor Press attn: Good News, 211 W. Third St., Taylor, TX 76574, or post to the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page.

Always remember there is goodness everywhere and kindness matters.


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