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Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 5:03 AM


Dear Editor, Regarding bike lanes on Mallard, if bicyclists are going to have their own lanes to ride on in Taylor, then they need to pay their fair share for their costs and upkeep the same as motorists. And, this can be achieved through licensing all bicycles that ride on public streets.

This could be enforced through the police department impounding all bicycles that are not licensed. And, it would be expected of the police department to enforce all traffic laws for both motorists and bicyclists uniformly.

Using public roadways by way of bicycles, all cyclists regardless of age, would need to attend and pass a test on how to drive on public roads before being given a license to attach to their bikes. The test would be administered by the police department. It is expected that parents would be responsible enough to teach their kids what I right and/or wrong in riding on public roads.

Lake Drive

I think it be fair, they need to put a bike lane on Lake Drive. It is such a heavily used road, cyclists could use a buffer zone between autos and bicycles.

Resurfacing Mallard

My neighbor and I believe we could remove the white button obstructions and plastic poles and repaint, not resurface as TXDOT did on US Highway 95 a few years ago for about half of the $2 million the city said they would need.

Roy Miller Taylor, TX


Taylor Press