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Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 4:24 AM

Duck to Raider: Bailey leaves legacy in Taylor

Duck to Raider: Bailey leaves legacy in Taylor

Lady Duck basketball had a major shift after the arrival of Head Coach Lawrence Bailey in 2021. Cedar Ridge High School could experience the same shift next season.

After three years in Taylor, Bailey has accepted a job as the head coach for the Lady Raiders basketball team.

“I’d like to thank the community of Taylor for your support and welcoming me and my family into the community,” Bailey said in a social media post. “I’ve enjoyed my time teaching and coaching at Taylor High School. I met a lot of great people and great families.”

Bailey served as an assistant coach in Hutto before taking the helm in Taylor as the head coach. Under his direction, the team improved every season and made multiple playoff runs.

In the past two years, Bailey led the Lady Ducks to two district championships, two bidistrict championships and two appearances as area finalists.

“I had a great coaching staff to help me along the way,” he said.

Bailey was also named Coach of the Year in 2023 and 2024. In his last two years, the Lady Ducks only lost one district game before making a deep run in the playoffs.

“I’m thankful to the girls that allowed me to teach the game of basketball and coach them. My success is because of them,” he said.

In 2021, Bailey told the Taylor Press he had a philosophy and plan to get the Lady Ducks back on the winning track. His said success would start on the defensive end, and the girls would play hard, smart and cause chaos for their opponents. Offensively, Taylor pushed the pace and looked to take their shots when they were open.

Along with being a coach on the floor, Bailey also taught lessons off the court.

“Outside of basketball there are also other lessons that a coach can teach players about being a good teammate and servanthood. Playing sports teaches you how to work with other people from all different backgrounds,” Bailey said before his first season. “It helps kids build character and learn how to be a leader in the community.”

Bailey acknowledged the group of seniors, Sophia Fisher, Kionayh Rivers, Molli Kennick, Zakaya Frederick and Ursula Rydell, who were freshmen when he started. He said they are the foundation the program is built on.

“I wish Taylor nothing but the best going forward,” Bailey said. “This truly hurts my heart and my family leaving Taylor. This was not an easy decision at all I’ve shed so many tears with these girls, I hated seeing their tears tonight… Taylor will always have a place in my heart and my memories.”



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