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Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 5:43 AM

Kindness when it counts


“To the lady in the white Elantra at McDonald’s who paid it forward for mine and my daughter’s lunch today. Bless you. You have no idea the week I’ve had and how much you just turned my week around. Thank you”

— Jennifer Walton

“Shoutout to everyone who offers a smile, a kind word, holds a door, drives courteously, etc, etc.”

— Phyllis Johnson

“Grateful for the summer activities provided at the Taylor Public Library with funding and assistance by the Friends of the Public Library. What a blessing.”

— Ann Miller “Thank you to H3 Roofing-Conor Shirocky, Heath Talley, owner and Brady Altman, for donating two fans today! What a great example of giving back to the community you are working

in. Another big thank you to Tim of Mikeska Brands. He donated two fans and Mustang Creek Golf Course donated two fans as well. Also thanks to Greg D’Amore for two more fans.

Councilman Kelly Cmerek donated two fans, Ted Alexander State Farm Insurance donated two fans, the Stork family, the Ariola family and the Townsend family donated fans.

Durcon committed to donating 10 fans.

Thank you to all other anonymous donors who have helped us get well over our 50 fan goal.

The donated fans are given out on July 13 to elderly or disabled people needing a fan.”

— Stacy Stork

Tell me something good!

Please help me to fill this page with stories about kindness and compassion. Let me know who deserves a shoutout. Tell me all the good things that happened.

I would love for you to share how you have helped and how you have been helped. Your story will help to inspire others. You can either send them to Taylor Press attn: Good News, 211 W. Third St., Taylor, TX 76574, or post to the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page.

Always remember there is goodness everywhere and kindness matters.


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